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By BRAND offers climbing holds from leading world climbing companies such as AIX, Xcult, Flathold, Cheeta, Expression, Artline, Moon and more. In the offer you can find climbing holds made from polyester, polyurethane, different sizes, shapes, holds for beginners and advanced climbers. Do you need advices? Write us.

  • AIX

    AIX are a team of passionate climbers and bouldering enthusiasts. They use our experiences to design and produce climbing holds and walls for you. They have tons of ideas waiting for accomplishment to make their products better and they work hard to make you climb harder. The owner of the company and the founder is Andrej Chrastina. Very good climber, who has done many hard routes on sandstone in difficulty XI and as well on limestone he has done routes in difficulty 8c.

    The AIX specialty includes volumes of interesting shapes, climbing holds inspired by outdoor climbing projects, large laminate volumes Aix Boiler, climbing holds for kids, training boards, wooden boards, campus holds, climbing walls for kids ...

  • Anatomic


    The company Anatomic is number one in Slovakia dealing with climbing walls and holds production. The company was founded by brothers Repčík in 2000.

  • ArtLine

    ArtLine was created by Brice ANZIUTTI after leaving Volx (French hold manufacturer) where he worked for 5 years, so that he could freely indulge his creative urges ! ArtLine is a private limited company based in Lyon, and specialised in research, design and marketing of climbing-related equipment, in particular artificial climbing holds. Turning the humble handhold into a real work of art, and with proven technical expertise, ArtLine wants to make people want to climb.

  • Bleaustone

    Bleaustone are a British founded company that have been manufacturing climbing holds since 2003. Although the products are made in Slovenia, the design concept takes place in Sheffield. Bleaustone aim to recreate the feeling of climbing outside, inside. 

  • Bluepill

    At bluepill, we’re passionate about creating quality climbing holds and volumes that inspire your creativity and push your limits. Whether you’re an experienced gym or just starting out, our products are designed to help you reach new heights and achieve your and your customers’ goals. Our holds and volumes are perfect for use in any climbing or bouldering gym and have been used at competitions around the world. We invite you to explore the world of bluepill climbing holds and discover the passion that defines our brand. 

  • Cheeta

    Cheeta is a climbing hold company based in France. Through high quality climbing holds their main goal is to shape the movement. In the early 90's, Laurent Laporte, climber and competitor started shaping and pouring holds to train with friends.

  • Core climbing
    Core climbing

    British made Climbing Holds - designed, carved and manufactured in Sheffield, England.

    We are passionate about making inspiring holds that look and feel great to climb on. You'll find our holds in many of the biggest climbing centres world wide. We have many sets that are perfect training holds for home walls and kids holds for school climbing and traverse walls.

  • eXpression

    Expression holds experience is great range of basic shapes to suit any wall/angle, comfy & ergonomic, force certain grips (open-hand, half-crimp, crimp)- good for training/setting specific styles. They are cleverly sculpted to necessitate different grip types and allow your setters to force sequences, as well as setting to train for a particular style.

  • Fiction

    Fiction climbing holds by HRT

    Fiction is a brand with a different identity and concept than HRT.

  • Flathold

    Discarded foam holds, silicone molds, half-finished sculptures, plaster, dust… So many reminders that reflect a state of mind founded on an everlasting search for new ideas. The will to explore creative possibilities has led to testing different shapes, trying various materials and mastering molding techniques. Flathold was born of the encounter between an international route setter and a visual arts student, whose first experience together dates back to 2008. A common goal : to create and develop shapes and grips, to fashion the foam so as to approach the feelings one gets on a natural line.

  • Holdz

    HOLDZ® was founded in 2000 by Steve Goodair. Steve has worked at the forefront of climbing hold design and manufacture for the past 17 years and he has carved holds for many of the top climbing wall manufacturers . In addition to designing and carving holds, Steve spent five years travelling worldwide designing, making and installing many different types of bespoke climbing walls having set thousands of indoor routes on all types of climbing wall using many different types of bolt on hold.

  • HRT

    HRT was founded as a producer of artificial climbing holds and walls in 1998 by two young climbers - Ivaylo Penchev and Metin Musov.

    Due to its huge and rapid growth, because of the high quality of its products and services, the company was later restructured into two independent and highly specialized companies- HRT and Walltopia, which continue to operate very closely today.

    HRT has remained devoted to developing and manufacturing climbing holds. The design and production of climbing walls, including engineering and assembling, was transferred to WALLTOPIA, which is now the world leader in the production of climbing walls.

  • Kilter Grips
    Kilter Grips

    Kilter Grips is a climbing hold company owned by Ian Powell and Jackie Hueftle.

    Kilter is not a “normal” climbing grip company. Because this industry is so young there has never been a company started by people who have so much experience. We are a bit obsessed and have the years to prove it. We know climbing gyms, climbing grips, and what professional route setters demand.

    Kilter's first sets were released in 2013 and now the line is one of the largest in the industry. Kilter has won the Climbing Business Journal Grips List 5 times: we took first in the inaugural list in 2014, then won again in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. In 2018 and 2019 we also won All Time Favorite Brand. Starting in 2019 Kilter became an offical IFSC Authorised Hold Brand, meaning Kilter Grips may be used in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

  • Kingdom Climbing
    Kingdom Climbing

    Kingdom Climbing offers unique climbing holds of various shapes for an artificial climbing wall made of the finest materials. Kingdom Climbing „showed on the scene“ between climbing holds manufacturers for the first time in 2014. Bold shapes of large size and grip, such as the Dragon Balls series and the Chickens Heads, have gained popularity very quickly. The company stayed with big holds, which goes hand in hand with their philosophy: THE BIGGER IS BETTER! However, their series includes climbing holds from the largest to the smallest ones, which is especially appreciated by the route setters, who are able to set from one series the whole route and thanks to the various shapes very interesting route.

  • Kitka

    Kitka is a climbing holds company based in northern Finland. Around here we’ve got reindeers, northern lights, and very long & dark winters. It’s a perfect environment for indoor climbing. Kitka holds are shaped with minimalistic and functional Scandinavian design, with a special focus on ergonomics. 

  • Lapis

    Lapis ™' history dates back to 1991 when Aljosa Grom began to model his first climbing holds. His driving engine was a passion for climbing and route setting. A young talented climber and climbing designer soon met a successful businessman, Jaka Schlamberger,  with who he founded the Lapis ™ brand. Today the brand offers more than 2500 different climbing holds, volumes,  the world renowned 'Lapis™ Brush and training accessories. All Lapis ™ climbing holds are designed in accordance with safety standards: EN 12572-3 and EN 71-3.

  • Moon Climbing
    Moon Climbing is no more than Ben Moon himself - a climber who in the 80s and 90s set the course for sports climbing not only in the UK but also around the world. He climbed the first 8c in the world Agincourt in Buoux andMaginot Line 8c in Volx, Hubble 8c + (according Adam Ondra it could be easily 9a, so it would move the first world 9a Action Direct to the second place), Voyager 8B + in Burbage and 9a Rainshadow in Malham Cave ...

    Based on his experience, he founded his own company The company offers climbing clothing, crashpads, chalk, climbing brushes, training boards, and the unique training boulder wall MoonBoard.

  • Morpho

    Climbing is foremost a sport of aesthetics. It is about the beauty of movement, coupled with the exquisite designs of the great outdoors. It is also a sport of imagination. This is the foundation for Morpho Climbing Holds, established in 2014 by Jure Bobnar and Rok Brezar. What initially pulled them in was the satisfaction of creating something new and improving the technology involved. 

  • Ocún

    Ocún offers high-quality outdoor equipment and climbing shoes, which are also tested by the owner of AIX, the excellent climber Andrej Chrastina. In their product range you can find climbing harnesses, crash pads, quickdraws and other equipment that quickly gained popularity among the wide climbing public due to its quality, functionality and design purity.

  • Om Holds
    Om Holds

    We strive to offer you perfect anatomy, simplicity, speed and ultimate routesetting experience with every hold. Made with love.
    The way we see it, there is no difference between a recreational climber, a sport climber or a pure competitor – everyone deserves the best.
    When we design our holds, we think about the climbers that will climb on them and the routesetters that will work with them. We reflect as much of our rich routesetting experience into our products as possible and strive to offer perfect holds that are fun to climb on as well as routeset with.
    Jan Šolc (Hlavní ČHS stavěč) - Chief routesetter at Czech Youth National Championships and many National lead and bouldering competitions. Great experience with commercial setting all around Europe.

  • Pusher

    PUSHER®. Making climbers stronger.

    Pusher is one of the most iconic and influential hold companies of all time. Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah we have been at the heart of the American climbing scene for decades… making holds for people who love climbing. Pusher was built by real climbers who wanted the tools to push themselves, so we created holds that did not yet exist. This tradition continues to this day as we strive to bring you new hand-crafted shapes.

  • Thrill seeker
    Thrill seeker

    Thrill Seeker Holds are shaped with tremendous commitment to the detail and anatomical design. Our shapes have skin friendly surface with no compromise on the grip. All sets are organized into ranges with unique design and a variety of different grips which enable route setters to create endless possibilities of routes by using holds sharing similar design.

  • T-Wall

    Climbing wall builders since 1989.

    A one-stop shop for everything from holds to finished walls
    We are a true one-stop shop for everything from holds to finished walls, for indoor and outdoor facilities, for markets not only in Germany, but across Europe and beyond.

  • Wataaah

    Our passion for perfect, impeccably crafted, products and our passion for climbing and bouldering are all instilled in each and every WATAAAH product. It is exactly this passion that drives and motivates us every day. We are deeply convinced that if you want to promote change, you need to start with yourselves and your own surroundings first. It is of personal concern to us that climbing and bouldering – being an outdoor sport – can also be enjoyed indoors as eco-friendly as possible.

    This is why we produce sustainable, long-lasting, ästhetic and ergonomic climbing holds for you. We want to show the industry that there already real alternatives. Climbing holds can be more sustainable. We see a future where climbing holds are produced thru sustainable means and we are already starting with this today and are continuing to perfect our products”.

  • Working Class
    Working Class

    Working Class Climbing is a brand new hold company striving to bring you quality grips at an affordable price. Climbing holds from Colorado.

    Most of our series are comprised of 45 holds. In our minds this is the perfect balance of offering enough holds to set an entire route with 1 series and not overdoing it on any one style. The break down is as follows. 8 - (feet or XS), 8 - small, 8 - medium, 8 - large, 8 - XL, 4 - 2XL, and 1 - Feature
    The small thru XL are divided into 2 sets of 4. This allows you to still get a full size range of any 1 style without having to break the bank.

  • Xcult

    XCULT Ltd. is an innovative company which made its debut in 2009. The company is a producer of climbing walls, polyester holds and plywood and fiberglass volumes.

    XCULT is established by Iliyan Mihaylov and Daniel Dudev. Iliyan Mihaylov,a graduated sculpturer,a climber with more then 15 years of climbing experience and more then 10 years designing of climbing walls and holds for himself and other manufacturers.

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